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ICosplay Magazine

iCosplay is an on-line blog with its first print issue about to hit the proverbial shelves. That’s right, a print magazine all about cosplay and the people who love it. They also feature various cosplayers and tutorials on their site and on their FB. You can check them out and learn more on their pages. :D -Dan

Series: Fairy Tail
Genderbent Characters (From left to right): Gajeel, Pantherlily, and Levi
Photographer: Full Frame Hero

Hi there! I’m Pantherlily in the middle. This is my second cosplay that I’ve done and my first time ever constructing a weapon. I was so happy to meet other genderbent characters for a completed Gajeel x Levi photo. They were amazing. And for a closet cosplay, I think I did pretty well! 

Dan’s Comments: You guys spoil me with all your Rule 63 cosplays, ahhh I love it! The sword looks amazing, really solid with a striking paint job, and I love how you worked your hair and the cat ears together. I can’t believe you guys happened into each other to complete the genderbent trio! I love con stories like that. :D

Fem Gambit from X-Men
Cosplayer: Erin DeBorba Cosplay
Photographer: David Strain Photography

Dan’s Comments: I love genderbends, especially when they’re this good. The corset is gorgeous - as are the after effects! I feel the need to go peruse your gallery now. :3 

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