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Series: Fairy Tail
Genderbent Characters (From left to right): Gajeel, Pantherlily, and Levi
Photographer: Full Frame Hero

Hi there! I’m Pantherlily in the middle. This is my second cosplay that I’ve done and my first time ever constructing a weapon. I was so happy to meet other genderbent characters for a completed Gajeel x Levi photo. They were amazing. And for a closet cosplay, I think I did pretty well! 

Dan’s Comments: You guys spoil me with all your Rule 63 cosplays, ahhh I love it! The sword looks amazing, really solid with a striking paint job, and I love how you worked your hair and the cat ears together. I can’t believe you guys happened into each other to complete the genderbent trio! I love con stories like that. :D

Fem Gambit from X-Men
Cosplayer: Erin DeBorba Cosplay
Photographer: David Strain Photography

Dan’s Comments: I love genderbends, especially when they’re this good. The corset is gorgeous - as are the after effects! I feel the need to go peruse your gallery now. :3 

The cosplayer is Mauralucky7, I took their photo at Anime Boston 2014. I’m immortalsnightmare. I wanted to submit this to you guys as I thought it was a fantastic outfit, with clearly a lot of time spent on it. When I talked to the cosplayer about it, she was really excited and happily told me how long it took ( 1.5 months), what it was made of, (craft foam), and that the wings made it impossible for her to sit down at all. I saw her several times throughout the con at all hours of the day, which is serious dedication. She seemed so pleased and happy when I wanted a photo, that I thought it would be nice for you guys to post this photo and notice her and give a compliment. Sorry, I kinda rambled on there.

Dan’s Comments: This Titania is wonderful, but I really love the story behind her infectious smile! Cosplay like this is a labor of love, both to build and to wear, and the photo immediately put a smile on my face. :) Keep being an asset to this community, Maura!

Cosplayer: Bockibear
Character: Blood Elf Paladin (World of Warcraft)
Photographer: Edtan

"I was wondering if you guys could give me a little feedback on my Blood Elf cosplay.Thank you!! Love your blog!! — bockibear"

Dan’s Comments: So I totally looked up reference photos, and I can say you’ve done a really great job capturing the look and feel of the armors I saw. I am in love with the gloves and shin guards, and your ears are some of the nicest ones I’ve seen. Since you asked for feedback, one of my first thoughts when taking it in as an entire piece was that the chest/torso seemed less intricate than the rest of the costume (all the sectioned armor and red details versus the nearly solid white/black of the top half). That said, the construction looks fabulous and you wear it all very well.

Guys, this was a lovely photo set of a cool costume, so go check it out!

Cosplayers: Unknown
Characters: Hope, Fang, Snow, and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)
Photographer: me!

Dan’s Comments: I saw these guys at Anime Blues Con recently and fell in love! Their props were amazing - that boomerang! I loved their poses and seeing them walk around. Fantastic group!

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